Another Patient Accuses KNH For Wrong Surgery And Death Of New Born Twins




Another patient from Kenyatta National hospital(KNH) has come to complain about a wrong surgery that led to require a colostomy bag to pass stool

In a interview with Citizen TV Susan Nekesa who had gone to deliver her twin children via Cesarean section. The Doctors performed a wrong surgery where after the patient was left with a lot of stomach pain.

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It was later discovered by her husband that surgery was done wrongly. A portion of the small intestines, like 50cm was outside the chamber where it was supposed to be.  She  taken for another surgery where the affected portion of the intestine was removed and a small opening (scientific term stoma) left to allow her to pass tool through a colostomy bag.

As if the mistake in surgery forcing her to be bedridden her twin girls died while at the the hospital. The husband and father of the children said that he was told that the children were fed by an untrained person and they choked in the process.

“Someone told me that the person who fed my child was not very experienced,”  Siatati said.

A relative to the patient Susan Nekesa said that the hospital staff also neglected her and left her to empty the colostomy bag when it was full.

This comes barely a moth after Kenyatta National Hospital was accused of performing a brain surgery on a patient who was not lined up for one. The doctors said that there was a confusion on the name tags.

There is a clear problem with the systems at the largest referral hospital in East Africa that need to be addressed before more lives are lost . the issues will only be settled if issues from the hospitals are not politicized.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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