Another Kenyan Government’s Website Hacked

As the Kenyan top government officials are attending the connected Kenya summit ….or is it a conference, in Mombasa, another Kenyan Government ministry’s website has been hacked by “HEXBOOT3R” which seems to have a serious problem with Israel and Zionists. Hackers leave a stamp of recognition and this attack seems to have emanated from Turkey.

The hacked website belongs to national Disaster’s department in the Ministry of Special programs.

Video from a Turkish TV documenting HEXBOOT3R attacks;

The hacker, HEXBOOT3R, has been featured in videos like below and runs even a blog to document his hacking sojourns. What is amazing and I have said it before, is that Joomla is not an effective and modern CMS to run any serious website. Joomla is best for a user who will always be checking on the website but not a government ministry or a company which only visits the website whenever they get wind that a development partner might be visiting.

This is sad. PS Ndemo do something.

Thanks Kevin for the tip.

Written by Robert

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