Anita Nderu Comes Clean About Sexual Harassment Ordeal

anita nderu

anita nderuNTV’s The Trend co-host, Anita Nderu has spoken out about her sexual harassment ordeal in broad daylight and in a matatu.

Speaking to BBC News, the Capital FM presenter said she has been sexually harassed twice in a matatu on her way to work and once in a taxi.

“I have been harassed twice in a matatu and once in a taxi. It is a story that I’ll have to remember for the rest of my life which is not fair,” she said.

Anita, 27, said that the first time she felt a hand on her boob and when she tried confronting the man, he said, ”Why do women have boobs then? Are they not there for us to touch them?”

”It was on my way to work I was just sitting facing the opposite direction and then I just felt something cold on my left boob. I look down and I see a hand,”she recounts.

Ms Nderu said that she felt helpless especially because after alighting the matatu she sobbed uncontrollably but nobody stopped to ask if she was okay.

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During the interview she also disclosed that she is trying to create awareness especially to the women who have undergone such ordeal.

She took the platform to advice people to be more concerned about other fellow human beings.

Watch the video HERE

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Written by Merxcine Cush


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