Anerlisa Muigai Flaunts Curves, Responds To Haters

Anerlisa Muigai

Losing weight is an uphill task for most people. It takes discipline, resilience and commitment.

Anerlisa Muigai, Keroche Breweries heiress, can confirm the same. She has been trying to shed off some weight over the last one year.

Anerlisa has been in the past two weeks fronting her curves on the inter webs and needless to say, she is looking great. She first posted a picture in a skirt saying that it was the first time in ten years that she put on a skirt.

Anerlisa in a skirt

Parading her new figure, Anerlisa has a thing or two say to those who called her “Fat” and those who didn’t believe she would ever loose weight. She wrote on social media;

This post is for everyone who called me FAT and also those who said all sorts of hurtful things to do with my weight. You all thought i couldn’t loose weight but now i am healthier and happier than ever.Because of them, i worked my a** off and kept it consistent. Sometimes it’s good to show some people that they don’t always win. Never let your haters win, People will always try to look for things to say to hurt you. Keep your head high and be the winner. *i haven’t forgotten the meal plan, will post it soon in video form and i will also be demonstrating everything step by step.


Anerlisa flaunts curves

Anerlisa is an inspiration to so many people trying to lose weight. She is proof that it is possible if you pour your heart and soul into it.

Written by Eva Nyambura

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