Alfred Mutua To Sue Wavinya Ndeti For Defamation


Governor Alfred Mutua has initiated defamation proceedings  against Wavinya Ndeti. He said that since 2012 the former Machakos gubernatorial aspirant has been falsely accusing him.

Through his lawyers B.M Mung’ata and Company advocate governor Mutua said that the statement that were made by Wavinya Ndeti on Facebook  were false and listed the occasions where she had falsely accused him of conspiring to kill her.

Governor Mutua  said that the remarks on social media were geared towards seeking sympathy, portraying herself sd s victim of an imaginary prosecution.

The lawyers stated that the time that Wavinya said that governor Mutua was around her house was an illusion of her own making as their client was 500Kms away waiting to board a flight

Machakos Gubernatorial aspirant Wavinya Ndeti had accused the current governor of trailing her with the aim of killing her.

She said that her appeal would be coming up in a weeks time and asked her supporters to hold the governor accountable should anything happen to her.

In the Facebook post Wavinya Ndeti said that in 2013 her father was shot dead two days before she launched her gubernatorial bid. She also said that her neighbors car which was similar to hers was shot at close range the day she served governor Mutua with petition papers.

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Wavinya Ndeti also disclosed that one of her workers was paid a sum of Sh. 3 million to give information on her whereabouts.

The former legislator was said that she had reported the issue to the police .

Governor Mutua and Wavinya Ndeti have been having court battles after the latter claimed the Governor Mutua rigged her out during the August 8 elections. The high court had thrown out her case and ordered her to pay governor Mutua Sh.10million.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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