New Al Shabaab Video Calls Trump ‘Brainless Billionaire’, Threatens To Hit Back At Kenya (Video)

Al-shabaab militant group

The Islam extremist group, Al Shabaab is in a new video mocking the USA President, Donald Trump.

The Somali based terrorist group mocks the newly elected Donald calling him a ‘brainless billionaire.’ USA is trying to eradicate the group but the extremists say Trump’s ‘is arguably the most stupid President a country could ever have.’

They have said America’s efforts to make the country Great Again underestimated ‘the man’s level of stupidity.’

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President Donald Trump speaks at the Treasury Department in Washington, where he signed an executive order to review tax regulations set last year by his predecessor.

In the video, they have called out Trump for single handedly ‘making America the greatest joke on earth’ referencing a video showing Trump shoving Prime Minister of Montenegro during a NATO summit in May this year.

According to the soldier, Trump was ‘‘propelling America towards its eventual defeat and destruction because for him, comprehending basic tasks or even the consequences of an endless war against Islam and the Muslims proved to be harder than the measure of complimentary variables in quantum mechanics.’‘

In the video released on Sunday, the soldier addressed Kenya’s upcoming elections and have threatened to hit back at Kenya for sending its troops to Somalia and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new plan to eliminate them.

“Your military’s invasion of Somalia will continue to destabilize your country,” the new al-Shabab video says. “When we do strike, your government will not be able to protect you.”

Trump has approved expanded military operations against al-Shabab, including more aggressive airstrikes and considering parts of southern Somalia areas of active hostilities.

Al-Shabab is the most dangerous terrorist group in all of Africa.

Here is a part of the video:

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