Madam Boss Akothee Shares How Relatives Drove Her To Near Death


Madam Boss, Akothee is an angry woman. She shared her frustrations about her relatives whom she claims have been using her and giving her headaches despite the fact that she took them in when they were orphaned.

The mother of five narrates how she has been put through hell by her ungrateful relatives who have caused her pain and unhapiness.

It’s not the platform to share my pain , but it’s also good to share some life experiences, it has taken me 5 years of tooth and nail to develop my retirement home, I promised myself never to live with relatives after so many disappointments, but hey I am human too,so 3 years ago, I decided to live with one of my cousins and a son of my neighbor whom I educated without any difficulty of school fee! When results came , none of them wanted to share with me their results, they had failed terribly!but hey it’s fine, failure in education is not failure in life ! So told them to wait for this year to pass so we could figure out what they could do with the Es and the Ds they got , so left them to take care of my home! They grew lazy and instead gave the employees hard time ! Dictating them, claiming the wealth is from their sister! Some employees left, and the security guards were not allowed to utter a word (RELATIVES) So they dint allow the employees perform their duties or report to me any challenges! They played like they have reported everything & I am aware. Every morning I called his phone was never answered neither did he call me back, sent several text to know how my home is doing! Even asked for photos! All I heard was everything is fine ! The two of them sold my 30 chicken , extra beddings from the employees , vandalized all the electrical wires connecting the garden lights living the whole home in darkness! Went ahead and chop off the wires to the submusive pump ! So imagine what is with the animals and garden! the pool went to zero and turned into a frogpond, My milk was rejected from Rongodairy because they divided the milk and added water on their way ! When I released my cousin ! he told the watchman to tell us to check on the CCTV! Only to realise that the CCTV power cable was chopped off right inside my bedroom ! He was the one with the house key and the only one accessing my bedroom ! I remember in February I asked them to leave my home! Coz all the employees complained about them ! But where do we take orphans too? I have weak heart So I gave them a 2nd chance! Which has left me in pain! #iaminsomuchpain? what would you do? 3rd chance??

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In a series of posts, the Oyoyo hit maker disclosed how she works hard to provide for her family but are ungrateful.

She also exclaims how her children are the most disciplined and never demand for things even though she can afford them.

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“My children are the ones living the best life and are still very disciplined! They have never made me shed a tear of dissatisfaction or disappointment!”

There is no man who gave me an idea of building a home in the village, I looked at my situation as a single mother ! I realised I was all by myself in this world , and all I needed is a safe landing with my baggage ! I never wanted my family to run around with my coffin, begging my exes to provide land to bury me nor ran from one cemetery to the other ! I never wanted my children to leave in fear of not knowing where to go to once I am 6 feet under ! I never saw anyone being there for my children once I am gone! I could climb any mountain to see my children happy ! To my surprise ,my children are the ones living the best life and are still very disciplined! They have never made me shed a tear of dissatisfaction or disappointment! My kids even consult with me when they need to buy something expensive ” maaam! How are you! I was asking , I saw a weave going for 40k! could you get me one when you are in spending mood ? This makes me happy ! So why are peoples children sending me to hospitals ? Why am I working extremely hard for ungreatful people! Why am I saaaad for the pregnancy and the labour pains that I dint bare ! Why are relatives causing me so much pain ! Is it because I am stupid ? Do I owe them something! What and why Am I exposing myself and my children to soooooo much unhappiness and pain ! Why ? Is it worth it NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONONO . if you see some of my relatives behind fake accounts and talk shit about me just know those are the Judas iscariot ! We cant all wake up in the morning and get rich DISCIPLINE. I DONT CARE RIGHT NOW FOR I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE , FOR GOING THROUGH SO MUCH .RELATIVES TO HELL MAAAN#Calpolis I MISSED @oneafrica_musicfest because relatives sent me to bedrest ! If you are my relative and planning to piss me off I will expose you and report you to my fans ! As an exhibit of pain and shame to mankind and ?‍?‍?

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The singer goes ahead to exclaim that she can never judge celebrities who have abandoned their relatives because it is the mental health that is at stake here.

I stopped blaming rich people when I see their relatives languishing in poverty! Yes , I know many of my fans can feel and understand what I am going through right now ! I know some are celebrating and wish that this moment could just take me to the grave ! so they could type R.I.P,! Haloo this is a phase that I gave room for ! I am crying because I know how it feels to be a beggar , I was once there ! and when you keep on asking help from people you loose not only your freedom and happiness , but also forget about respect if you constantly depend on handouts! This too shall pass mama Any negative comments tag me delete and block , go make noise on your relatives page ! When we dont post charity , you keep on asking ( give back to the community give back to the community) when we post ooooh right hand should not know what left has given ! When we floss oooh you bragging too much ! When we share our pain ! Oooh keep your things private ! What the hell is wrong with HUMAN BEINGS ? WHERE DID YOUR HUMANITY GO TO !DO YOU KNOW THAT CELEBRITIES KEEP UP WITH ALOT OF SHIT OFF CAMERAS JUST TO PROTECT THE BRANDS ! AND HIDE FROM TROLLS ! DO YOU KNOW THAT SOMETIMES YOUR SO CALLED CELEBRITIES ALSO NEED YOUR MORAL SUPPORT? WHAT ARE YOU FOLLOWING? WAITING TO POST REST IN PEACE ? If I am sad I am sad ! You celebrating my sad moments wont change your situation, you can as well stop being a fan and stop sharing your negativity on people’s walls , you laugh when I entertain you ! You enjoy my music ! So why wont I share with you my pain ! Is it too much to ask for help when you broken!? As for me I will even strip naked for you and tell you when I am fucked up ! Good day

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The musician missed the One Africa Music Festival in New York after she was put on compulsory bed rest after coming down with fatigue.

Madam boss is rumored to have had a burn out before she got to the airport.

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