Akothee Dares Any Man to Impregnate Her, She Will Make Sure He PAYS

Sassy and no nonsense singer Akothee has dared any man willing to impregnate her to do it soon but know that he will never escape paying for the upkeep.

??? men already perfoming miracle babies , & expect baby mamas to perfom magic on upkeep , Arrest all

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In what is considered an invite in the middle of extreme sex drought, Akothee has come out with the invite without any man having asked her if she is willing to dish the goodies.

In her Instagram page, she posted;

Pregnancy isn’t a challenge anymore, house girls /nannies are!! So, if any man thinks of getting me pregnant and running away, well, just know I will go with you.

Akothee is not someone to shy away from controversy as has been witnessed before. She’d speak her mind without fear or favour.

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