Did Akon Perform in a Bubble in DRC to Avoid Contracting Ebola?

Akon Goma

Twitter users have been enraged this week with Akon after The Source reported him performing in a bubble in Eastern DRC city of Goma, apparently to avoid contracting Ebola.  While Akon prides himself as being African who is proud to be one, he is also vulnerable to viruses which kill like Ebola.

When Akon performed in a large outdoor space neighbouring Goma airport, it was something of an homecoming. But some believe that he might have used the bubble as a smart way of not allowing himself to be exposed to the virus.

But this is not the first time Akon has pulled the bubble stunt. He did it in Dubai and Perth Australia. Might have been a smart excuse to have the same in Goma and not look like he didn’t want to mingle with the locals.

The Goma concert was held to promote peace in the wartorn city, plagued with violence and unrest for the better part of the past two decades. The concert was widely marketed in the city and the organisers gave out around 60,000 tickets for free. It was held to support United Nations’ International Day Of Peace.

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