AFCONQ – Michael Olunga Out As Comoros Team Arrives (Photos)

Harambee Stars will be without striker Michael Olunga who cannot make it for Wednesday’s 2022 AFCON qualifying match against Comoros.

Olunga, who turns out for Japanese side Kashiwa Reysol is unable to travel due to Coronavirus and Zambia-based forward Michael Makwatta has been summed to replace him.

Comoros arrives
Comoros Team Arrives For Afcon Qualifiers. [Courtesy]
The former Gor Mahia and Tusker FC player has enjoyed a good form for Kashiwa Reysol and is currently the leading top scorer in the J-League with 23 goals.

Also doubtful for the tie is skipper Victor Wanyama who plies his trade with Impact Montreal in the MLS in North America.

Comoros arrives

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