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The latest web-based trend in transmission of information and communication across the globe is the next frontier in the advertisement world even as the most efficient internet connectivity hits Kenya’s mainland.

Advertisement platform in various World Wide Web (www) and search engines are gradually threatening the traditional form of advertisements including the Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television and Outdoor advertisements.

Telephony service provider Safaricom is already setting the online mood in the country as websites including ‘Whereis Enterprices’ venture online advertisement. ‘Whereis’ web gives business organizations, industries, institutions a platform to market themselves among target clients.

Country’s mainstream media is also seizing the online space with rapid web traffic both in the country and among the international community.

This therefore provides an apt forum to catch another set of audiences in the brave new world packaged with latest technology.

Availability of cheap computers and efficient internet enabled cell phones besides high literacy level in Kenya is already paving way for an outburst in technological convergence and rapid information transfer to vast but specific audience.

With almost every organization, company, business, institution owning a website, it is much easier to direct clients to your home page where they can have a direct platform to get information on your products and services, discuss with you, post comments on how they have experienced with you products and even discus them with other clients.

Online advertisements offer flexibility and cuts down on cost and yet can reach target audience especially the learned groups, the youth and also those in working systems.

Depending on your products, the advert will root for a platform most frequented by their target audiences.

Social networks including facebook, Tagged, Twitter among others offer free or chargeable space to put up an advertisement.

Such platforms are most suitable in catching youth’s eye therefore fueling traffic to your website.

Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN among others are the most effective I advertising as ads are packaged with searched words.

Google for instance boast of 27 million search per day thus chances of targeting audience getting to your web will largely depend on how witty and keenly you tag your advert. This also calls for liking up your advert with your website.

Media news-based websites are also vital in putting up ads. With flexibility, one will be assured of cutting a niche in the business community.

To fuel up a whooping wed traffic, you have to attach your link with the advert.

With link providers including WillMaster’s ProLink, AdTrackz, Link Counter, Tracker Disguiser, you will be able to attach a link to your ad I otherf websites directing prospective clients to your homepage. Such link providers also cpount traffic hitting your web page, tallying clicks on ads as well as page impressions on your host website.

To cut a niche in online advertising, your ads should the eye of audience who usually scan through the web’s information.

This calls for a perfect hand in writing headlines a bit of body content and outstanding link to your homepage.

Since you have a split second to grab your audience attention, write your adverts with passion, excitement and brevity; create curiosity, provide details and call for action. Create an urgency to act now. An effective headline will literally force you ………

Selling headlines usually have the one of the components including; how to (How to increase sales….), Question (Are you Sick and tired working for someone else….), Command (Double your income within six months…) News (Announcing a brand new dress in town…) Testimonials (Our sales have increased….)

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