Access Kenya: Stop These Threatening Phone Calls, Just Go to Court

Access Kenya is not happy. We detailed alot of the mess going on there. And we did not detail some like the sacking of the more than 28 middle level and junior staff in February. None of the staff was warned of the impending sack but they had to go since the company is really not in good financial position. The moves the company has been making lately are just not promising even to themselves. But what Access Kenya knows is that they have to re-assure investors and clients that they still are in a great position.

So after detailing how the Somen Brothers Looted Access Kenya immediately after the IPO, we started getting threats. But lets say it again. The company was looted. We know that we have been threatened with all manner of things. Access Kenya employees and proxies calls us and tell us that we “will have to pay for this”. We will be so happy to pay with our lives or otherwise. Jonathan Somen called breathing fire and ordered us to immediately appear in his office in a record 30 minutes (called at around 2.00 pm and wanted us to be there by 2.30pm). We told him that there are better ways to seek fore redress but you don’t order your accuser to appear before you.

We gave Access Kenya 3 options to set the record straight;

1. Do a guest post explaining the points he feels are wrong and correct them in a professional manner. We would be so happy to publish his post without editing it.

2. Send me a mail detailing the specific lines of our post which he feel are wrong and what you feel is the position and we will investigate, apologise if we are wrong and correct it.

3. Go to a court of law immediately.

Jonathan threw some insults and promised us hell. Anyway, I always love manly battles. Nobody should scare you with going to court on a matter which he knows pins him down. Like Uhuru Kenyatta would say “Kwani hiyo koti ni ya mama yake“. We have our facts, records, documents, notes, evidence and witnesses ready. This might be the biggest embarrassment Access Kenya would face if they make good their threat of going to court.

They know that two media houses have this story and they refused to go ahead with it because;

1. They thought they were protecting the ordinary Kenyan shareholder who will loose money when the share trading is suspended.

2. They feared that they might only get their journos in body bags courtesy of the very angry Somen brothers.

Tupac Amary Shakur (bow down to a nigga who is greater than you) said “A Coward Dies a Thousand times, A Soldier Dies But Once”. And these are the times when I call Busta and Spliff Starr to perform Break Ya Neck.

Break Ya Friggin Neck BWOYI!!

I think the easier part is going to court. The hardest part will be dealing with what will come out because they will come out

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