A List Of Twitter Employees Using Google+

You might want to know who you can get on Google+ from the big social media families. People have gone ahead and compiled a list of all Twitter, Google, Facebook and Linkedin employees on Google+. Some of the accounts might be much more private, dormant or plainly idle, others will amaze you with the kind of information you get out there.

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Here is the Twitter List

Biz Stone (left Twitter)
Evan Williams (left Twitter)Others
Alex McCauley (Business Operations)
Anamitra Banerji (Product Manager)
Britt Selvitelle (Lead, UX Team)
Chloe Sladden (Content & Programming)
Del Harvey (Director, Trust and Safety)
Dick Costolo (CEO)
Doug Bowman (Creative Director)
Doug Williams (Business Development)
Dustin Diaz (Engineer)
Jason Goldman (VP, Product Management)
John Adams (Operations Engineer)
John Kalucki (Messaging, Tweets a.k.a Distributed Systems Architect)
Kevin Thau (Business & Corporate Development)
Kevin Weil (Product Lead, Revenue)
Matt Sanford (Tech Manager, Twitter International)
Pankaj Gupta (Tech Lead)
Ryan Sarver (Platform / API)
Zhanna Shamis (UX Designer)
William Bill Farner (Technical Lead, Research Infrastructure)
Alexander Macgillivray (General Council, Policy, Trust & Safety)
Ben Sandofsky (Tech Lead, Twitter for iPhone, iPad, and Mac)
Jason Stirman (Engineering Manager, Internal Tools)
Jessica Verrilli (Business Development & Corporate Development, UK)
Patrick Ewing (Software Engineer & Tech Lead, Twitter Web Client)
Mark Trammell (Design Researcher)
Sean Cook (Mobile Engineer)
Josh Elman (Product Manager who just left)
Jean-Paul Cozzatti (Product Synthesist/Manager)
Florian Leibert (Research, analytics, distributed systems, algorithms)
Dan Webb (Front-end dev, Software Engineer)
Larry Gadea (Infrastructure Engineer)
Robin Sloan (Media Partnerships, Writer)
Jana Messerschmidt (Senior Director, Business Development)
Claire Diaz-Ortiz (Corporate Social Innovation, Philanthropy)
Vitor Lourenço (Product Designer)
Kevin Cheng (Product manager)
Othman Laraki (Director of Growth)
Michael Abbott (VP of Engineering)
Andrew Seigner (Software Engineer)
Bryan Haggerty (Mobile Designer)
Ravi Narasimhan (Self-serve Advertising & Analytics)
Ben Finkel

The guys at WWWery have all other lists also of Facebook, Linkedin and Google employees on Google+ platform. Check them out here.

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