5 Best Laptop Bags You Can Find in Nairobi Shops

The current techie has a large baggage. If the baggage need to get smaller, expenditure increases in that he will need to acquire tablet computers instead of laptops and semi-professional cams instead of the large DSLRs. So carrying the stuff around might make you have deformities and spoil your valuables if you use the wrong kid of bags. Targus, VIP, iMix Green and Bonletta are some of the great manufacturers of the quality laptop bags. They are available in Nairobi and so I decided to check them out.

The following are some of the quality bags I found at Complete Solutions, Mbuchia House, Woodvalve groove in Westlandss part of Nairobi. You can call the shop through +254204454051. If you know Sound Plaza, you will never miss it. Outside is written Gadgets and Gizmos. So the following are some of the laptop bags

1. Wei Bin

This is a great laptop bag brands. The colours you will get are very diverse and the cheapest goes for around Ksh 2,500 to Ksh 4,000. This brand is very good with ladies and they have the single shoulder or the shoulder to shoulder laptop bags. You can have the 14″ bags and even insert it into your fornication(sic) bag …..the extra large ones being carried around by mamaz on Fridays in Nairobi so that in case of being chips fungwad, they will have a whole wardrobe.

2. Targus CN600 and TEB02

Targus has the best laptop bags you can really talk of. There are many brands which have tried to steal the idea from them with copycats but none come to the quality of a Targus. A targus will always be a great luggage brand. It makes cool laptop, tablet and phone cases which is common with the young and young at heart. The CN600 and TEB02 versions of Targus bags are great for men and tom-boys who don’t mind going everywhere with the big luggage.

If you use above 15.4″ laptops, you better use this. Very comfortable and can cushion a fall without breaking your laptop. The cheapest is around Ksh 3,500 and goes to around Ksh 6,000 for the Targus brands. But my arguement is why carry a laptop of Ksh 90,000 and use a Ksh 1,000 bag which will not help you in case of a fall.

3. iNix

I  have seen these bags at Bata. Very common around town and I hear they are the new in thing for the Kenyan rockers. They are funky, light and hard enough to withstand a whole night of partying with it on your back. They don’t look very durable to me though bbut you would understand with the age group which buys them, six months is just too long for them to have one bag and they will ditch it for a new trendy one. Prices range from Ksh 3,000 onwards. They comes also in many colours including Green, Purple, red, blue and maroon.

4. Dicota

Great shoulder-to-shoulder or single shoulder bags. Long trusted brand and is giving Targus a run for quality. It has the rugged and funky version for your very fragile stuff like iPhone 4s, tablets and the IDEOS. Great compartments for your water bottle, calculator, notebook and pens plus other accessories. This brand start to sell at around Ksh 5,500 at Complete Solutions because it is very hard to get these bags in the market.

5. Bouletta

This brand of bag is very common with the senior executives who wants to ooze authority with the carry-on luggage they have. It is not widely used locally and so experience with its use is very hard to document even from the sellers though they can only praise that you wont regret spending your money on it. Goes from around Ksh 2,500 though to me it looks ugly and stiff.

These are some of the bags I found at Complete Solutions and you can check others at Nakumatt Prestige Bags section, the gift shop along Kaunda street, Office Mart and SEAL Honey on Kenyatta Avenue as well as few cheap and old version laptop bags from Ebrahims, Neptune and Avenue Electronics.

You can then leave a comment below. What do you think? Which brand of bags serves you best and where can we get them

Written by Robert

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