List Of Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone

In the past few weeks, Google has removed about 25 apps from Google play store. The tech giant always strives to ensure the safety of your phone by listing safe to use apps in the play store; however, some harmful ones inevitable find their way to the store and ultimately, to the users.

Apart from Google, cyber security companies like Evina also check and test various apps to detect any malicious malware that could be used to harm or steal your information. Below is the list of 25 apps that have hence been deleted by Google. However, if you had already installed any of them on your phone, you might want to delete it.

List of apps you should delete
List of apps you should delete from your phone. (Courtesy)

As reported in a different post earlier, the malware works when any of the mentioned apps launch a browser that loads Facebook at the same time a mobile user is launching the platform. The browser displays on the foreground, making the user believe that they are launching their legitimate Facebook account page.

Tech savvy individuals are likely to spot the switch and may not likely fall for the trick. However, younger or older people using android phones for the first time can easily get their accounts compromised.

When installing apps, ensure you check for their legitimacy by checking the user reviews or comments. If there is a problem, you will most likely find some warnings. Ratings are also a great way, however, most of these suspicious apps can also get high ratings in a bid to trick people to quickly install them.

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