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Stranded Commuters, Traffic Jams, Pickpockets As Matatu CBD Ban Takes Effect

Commuters walk to/from Ngara bus terminus. PHOTO/ FRANCIS MULI
Commuters walk from Ngara stage to the CBD following the ban and vice versa. PHOTO/ FRANCIS MULI

Thousands of commuters this morning were left stranded, some opting to walk long distances as entry of matatus at the Central Business District (CBD) of Nairobi ban took effect.

Even as some chose to work to the new matatu stages, others could not locate the new pick up points for matatus going their route.

Some matatu operators chose not to go to their newly allocated stages, saying that they were congested hence leaving commuters before they reached their congestion. This mostly affected commuters along Jogoo Road.

“We cannot go to Muthurwa stage. It can barely accomodate seven 14-seater matatus, so what about hundreds of 33 seaters?” posed a matatu driver who spoke to this writer.

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