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Akothee Trades Insults With Blogger Robert Alai, Days After Rattling Cyprian Nyakundi


Days after exchanging insults with blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, Akothee is at it again this time with renowned blogger Robert Alai.

What started as a simple invite for a business opportunity from Alai to Akothee later regenerated to a heated exchange on Instagram, with Akothee promising Alai “two minutes of fame on her wall”.

“Hello. Nade Akothee? An tich moro ma akwayo ni igocha wawuoyee. (Hello. I have a job please call me),” read Robert’s message to Akothee.

In response, Akothee posted on her Facebook page, “Robert Alai , the last time I heard about you is when you were insulting politicians.Do I look like a politicians to you ? I didn’t even know you are following me until you slid into my Dm begging me to call you , and that you have a job for me.”

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