Janet Mbugua

Former TV presenter, Janet Mbugua threw a huge birthday party for her eldest son, Baby Huru. Huru turned 3 years old, over the weekend and got to share this special milestone with family and friends.

Janet recently gave birth to her second baby boy, Baby Mali, on September 18, 2018.

Through her videos on YouTube, Janet revealed that she tries to make sure that Baby Huru does not feel left out or jealous of his younger brother.

When she gave birth to her second son, she bought gifts for the new brothers to exchange so they would both feel love from each other.

In attendance were various celebrities including fashion stylist Brian Babu, Daddy Owen, Amina Abdi, David Muriithi among others.

Janet Mbugua

Baby Huru got to hang out with her famous twin cousins, Zawadi and Raha. The twins are daughters to former TV presenter Grace Msalame and Eddie’s twin brother, Paul Mwaura.

Both the kids and adults had fun, as they joined in the games and dance.


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How cute, the parents even joined in the dance

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