chiloba, chebukati

IEBC Chairman Chebukati has written to the DPP and EACC to take action against sacked CEO Ezra Chiloba over ‘misappropriation’ of funds following an audit.

According to Chebukati, those “who are involved in any misdeals must be held accountable. Be it any staff or myself, they must be brought to book. Such people do not deserve to be called Kenyans, in fact, they must rot in jail.”

“This is why the CEO was fired and we want to reiterate that as a commission we are not asleep as many have been made to believe. We shall not be distracted. It is true we are not 100 per cent accurate but we shall not just sit as public funds are embezzled,” he said.

Chiloba was fired on Friday saying that that it was not a surprise to him as his fate had been sealed and the investigation was done as only a ‘formality’.

“I received the employment termination letter signed by the Chairman about an hour ago. The letter claims that I had twice been invited to appear before the disciplinary committee of the Commission, but I failed to show up; hence the decision to terminate my employment,” stated a disgruntled Chiloba.

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On Saturday, the electoral body’s chairman stood by their decision noting that Chiloba was in “breach and violation of the Commission’s Human Resource and Administration policies as well as other relevant legislation left the Commission with no option other than to terminate his employment contract.”

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