Blogger Peter Amunga Tracked through Safaricom Line, Abducted and Fingers Crushed By Assailants

Peter Amunga recuperating in a city hospital. IMAGE/ COURTESY

Popular education blogger Peter Amunga was on Tuesday afternoon around 2pm kidnapped while leaving the popular Lavington Mall, seriously assaulted by men who crushed his fingers and then dumped in Thika.

According to people close to the blogger, he was kidnapped by men riding in a Toyota Fielder station wagon and Subaru cars which blocked the matatu he was boarding after meeting his friends at Lavington Mall.

The kidnappers claimed that they were police officers and Amunga was under arrest for unspecified crimes. He was driven until Methodist Guest House where a hood was put on his head while the kidnappers continued assaulting him.

According to Peter Amunga, he informed no one of his location. In fact, only KNUT Legal Officer Macharia Kabiru called him to ask where he was that he had not seen him for some time online. People close to him thinks that KNUT camps which are not happy with his postings might have been behind the kidnap.

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