A 13-year old girl was beaten to death by six Pokot warriors for refusing to marry a man of 60 years as a fifth wife in Baringo.

According to a local daily, the teenager who died on Saturday was among a group of girls who recently underwent Female Genital Mutilation.

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However, up to the time of going to press, the authorities had not received news of her death, but promised to follow up the matter.

“If that is true, the culprits should be arrested immediately to face murder charges. I will instruct officers on the ground to take up the matter,” said Tiaty East Deputy Commissioner Steve Muonge.

Dowry for a circumcised Pokot varies from 60 goats, 30 cows or 20 camels, depending on the agreement between families.

Baringo is majorly inhabited by the Pokot, Tugen and Ilchamus pastoral communities who depend on livestock for a living.

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