World Cup 2018
Photo: Sky Sports

Each of the 736 players in the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be minting between Ksh1.17 and Ksh5.6 million in a day, depending on the level they reach.

Each team that is eliminated at the group stages in the world cup will take home $8 million (Ksh809 million) – Ksh1.17 daily for each player, while those that qualify for the last of 16 will bag $12 million (Ksh1.2 billion) – Ksh1.74 million daily for each player.

Any team that will be lucky to reach the quarter finals of the tourney will dribble away with $16 million (Ksh1.6 billion) – Ksh2.3 million daily for each player – whilst the team on the fourth spot will have $22 million (Ksh2.23 billion) – Ksh3.2 million for each player daily.

The second runners-up will treat themselves with $24 million (Ksh2.43 billion) – Ksh3.5 million daily for every footballer. The first runners-up will get $28 million (Ksh2.83 billion) – Ksh4.1 million daily, for each player.

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The overall winner will take home the lion’s share of a whopping $38 million (Ksh3.84 billion) – Ksh5.6 million daily for each player, bringing to a close the FIFA’s budget of $400 (Ksh40.5 billion) for participants.

This is a 12% increment from 2014’s FIFA World Cup amount, in which teams shared $358 million (Ksh35.8 billion).

However, this may not be the amount each player will get. Each team will have its own module of sharing the amounts, depending on the country of origin. Some teams will get even a higher amount after getting reward tokens from their countries and well wishers, for either participating or reaching the finals.

Football giants have been promised tokens from their countries, should they win the biggest sporting event in the world.

Defending champions Germany will get a reward token of €8m (Ksh938 million) from their country. According to The Sun, England squad has been promised £5m (Ksh671 million) should they win the World Cup.

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