How Tuskys Supermarket is Being Killed by Top Executives Led by CEO Dan Githua

Tuskys CEO Dan Githua
Tuskys CEO Dan Githua

There is growing concern among the stakeholders of Tuskys Supemarket as the giant chain continue to exhibit signs of a crumbling empire.

According to insiders, top executives of the chain have ensured that there are no clear systems and processes to ease business and maximise output and profitability.

Top Management led by Dan Githua the CEO, Daniel Ndirangu (CFO) and Wamaitha Mukuha (GM Operations) seems to be in a scheme to siphon money from the supermarket chain and cripple it as they grow their parallel businesses from the Tuskys platform.

Before being elevated to the position of CEO, Dan Githua was the Head of Audit in Tuskys for more than 4 years while a key Director Stephen Mukuha was the CEO. Mukuha then had a series of Court cases filed by his other siblings who accused him of swindling more than Ksh 1.6 billion shillings from Tuskys through his subsidiary companies that are the dominant suppliers of Tuskys Supermarkets.

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