Edwin Sifuna

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna has opened up about his campus days. According to the now vocal political leader, he spent most of his campus life in class and partying.

He told SDE that he was fascinated by law professors such as Professor Adede, Okoth Ogendo and JB Ojwang who he said inspired him to speak on national issues.

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Edwin Sifuna says he was a normal student who survived on Higher education Loans Board (HELB)money and never had a side hustle apart for an advert which he was paid Sh.40000 which he squandered on the rave. He also says that despite meeting his wife in campus his advances were ignored through out that period.

His political enthusiasm was curved by his most memorable moment as a student of Nairobi university when they held the largest strike to ever be witnessed when the government made it more compulsory for law students to attend the Kenya school of law after their degree course.

The flamboyant lawyer is a avid lover of sports as he played football for his University  as he balanced it with his studies and the famous campus party scene.

The party days are since behind him as the lawyer who was a representative of other learned friends at the law society of Kenya is now the secretary general of the Orange democratic Movement and is driven by a quote he got while a law school.

‘Nothing will ever happen until the young people are hungry.’

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