Moses Wetangula’a daughter Sheila Wetangula¬† who has been a strong supporter of the NASA coalition has not shy away of expressing her exact feelings towards Raila Odinga.

According to Sheila, Raila has been a selfish leader and that he sold the country for Sh 5 billion and went on to urge the Luo people and the ODM supporters not to be blinded by his selfishness.

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Sheila Wetangula who lives and works in Sweden was an ardent supporter of Nasa and even declared her supporter even pushed for a petition declaring Hon. Raila Odinga as her fifth president.

She even advocated for Kenyans to boycotts socialite Huddah Monroe’s products after she said that the people who were being killed by police during the electioneering perid should not be buried instead be left to be eaten by dogs.

Recently her father was ousted as senate leader of minority. He said that the NASA divorce would be a messy one. There have been a disconnect  between the coalition partners especially after the Uhuru Raila unity pact.

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