African Gangs. / COURTESY

African-Australians living in Melbourne are claiming the ‘African Gangs’ term that has in the recent times been used against them.

Mostly of the Sudanese descent, the people have been posting images of themselves, doctors, graduates, families celebrating life.

The recent wave of violence that has rocked Melbourne West has been blamed on young people of ‘African appearance.’

Police say that the acts of crime; home invasions and assaults are of ‘thuggish behaviour by a group of young people who have no apparent care for the rights and well-being of their fellow citizens.’

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Melbourne media has been accused of biased reporting in Victoria, where crimes committed by African youths were referred to as works of the gangs and those by white people were not.

“We’re going to tackle these gangs where they occur and we’re going to throw the book at them,” a government official said.

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