Fuel prices

The prices of fuel are set to increase starting midnight December14 and are expected go up until January 14 when the next review will be done.

The Price of super petrol will go up by Sh.1.47 to retail at 103.14, Kerosene increased with Sh. 0.19 and petrol to Sh.0.03.

In October, the price super petrol went up by Sh3.37 per liter to retail at Sh101.67, while diesel and kerosene increased by Sh1.85 and Sh1.82 to retail at Sh88.71 and kerosene at Sh66.18 respectively.

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The Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) attributed the changes to the average landed cost of imported super petrol, which it said increased by 4.21 per cent from Sh63,144 per ton in October to Sh65,804 in the month of November.

“Landed weighted cost for imported diesel and kerosene went up by Sh 0.55 per cent from Sh55,920 to Sh56,227 and 3.58 per cent from Sh57,877 to Sh59,952 per tonne in the month of November respectively.” the regulator stated.

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