Late Ivan Semwanga

Thieves have raided the grave of the late Ivan Ssemwanga who was the ex husband of socialite and business woman ZariĀ  Hassan.

Ivan was buried in a lavish funeral with members of his Rich gang crew throwing millions inside the grave.

The caretaker of the place where Ivan was buried said that he noticed a hole that was dug as he was making rounds. The expensive casket was put in concrete and it seemed that the thieves were unable to dig through the concrete.

It is alleged that the vandalism may have been caused by the private guards who had been hired to guard the grave over unpaid salaries. The family was supposed to pay the security guards One million Ugandan Shillings per month but only paid six hundred thousand shillings for the first month.

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Other members of the family blamed traditionalists in the areas saying that they wanted to steal Ivan Ssemwanga’s skull for rituals.

The thieves were chased by the family dogs before the could dig through the concrete.

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