Alphonse Omondi aka Jamoko Omondi

The thought of a spouse leaving one behind in Kenya to chase the American dream is riddled with uncertainties and untold emotions.

What if he never comes back, what if he gets someone else;but again the underlying thrill of a foreseeable better life helps one overcome the fears and insecurities.

As a woman in such a situation,if the man goes ahead and marries you, it goes a along way in settling your insecurities as he has then made you his legal wife.

Such is the case of a young woman who we will call *Alice and who got married to one Alphonse Omondi who then left the Country for America. They got married in 2013.

The man he has become after he “made it in America ” is almost a walking apparition that has meted nothing but nightmares and untold brutality on his wife.

Omondi according to sources has made a habit of coming into the Country from time to time and whenever he comes, he beats his wife to a pulp over the flimsiest and vaguest of reasons that are unverified and speculated.

Having gotten his palms greased doing an unclear job in America, the man has morphed into a violent wife batterer who has succeeded in emotional blackmail and oiling law enforcers despite the cases having been reported.

In 2015, he assaulted her and she reported the case at Karuri police station in Ruaka- OB number OB26/9/10/2015. The police in charge (OCS-Solomon Okiri) allegedly told her he cannot handle it and asked her to “report the case somewhere else.”

He left, came a year later last year in 2016 and did the same. The case was reported at Ruaraka police station (OB number OB3/30/7/2016) but no action was taken because she allegedly did not have a witness.

“This is despite going to the station with visible injuries, and torn dress soaked in blood. The police officer in charge Stella, said the magistrate had concluded that the case was weak since she didn’t have a witness,” a source close to the victim told Kahawa Tungu.

Omondi lives in Greenspan, Donholm whenever he is around; *Alice has tried to leave him in vain because he refuses to let her go,she however left his house after the insistent assault whenever he is in the country.

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The man is said to have traced her to her new place and sprayed pepper in her house through the door (lock place) after she refused to open for him. She reported the same at Ngong police station.

Next time he went back to her new place, she had not returned from work and his mother having gotten wind sent her a message warning her not to go home as Omondi was waiting for her. She however went and he assaulted her.

The man then claimed that she had fallen on the tarmac.

Like a demented a man, he goes beyond physical assault and posts her pictures on Facebook with malicious captions to boot thus causing her unfathomable emotional damage that has sen her seek cancelling.

He last did that barely three days ago and she reported his latest incident of him posting her pictures and insulting her on Facebook at Muthagari Police under OB number OB47/21/11/2017.

In a funny twist of scenario, he goes ahead and apologizes profusely and pulls stunts like making her pictures his profile on social media, stunts that have unfortunately worked over the years until the last straw that went viral on social media.

The American dream is being used by Kenyan men to terrorize and abuse women back home in Kenya. They refuse to divorce so the woman’s hands are tied. In America he will be arrested but in Kenya he gets to walk free.

Law enforcement needs to make the man responsible for his actions before the situation escalates.

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