st andrews turiA leaked menu of St Andrew’s Turi which is one of the most expensive schools in Kenya is causing sparks online. The leaked menu was shared online by unknown sources and has so far left Kenyans in shock.

This is due to the fact that it looks like that of a five star hotel.Many Kenyans are so amazed as most people are trying to compare St Andrew’s menu with that of a normal government school.

St Andrew Turi is situated in Molo, Nakuru country with a fee structure ranging between 304,000 and 730,000 Ksh per term.The menu comprises of delicious meals with very complicated names which most Kenyans saying they are not able to understand.

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st andrews turiSample of the time table week one menu indicates the meals taken on Monday comprises of  fried eggs, grilled tomato, cereals, fresh juice, baked beans and toast for breakfast. Lunch consist of Roast chicken with lemon n’ ginger maxim potato, veggie moussaka and chocolate mousse. For dinner, Beef lasagna n’ ginger bread, matoke, grilled veggie and of course fruits.

Here is the leaked menu for the whole week.

Monday: The students wake up to cereals, fresh juice, fried eggs, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast.

For lunch, they are treated to roast chicken with lemon and ginger maxim potato, veggie moussaka and chocolate mousse.

For dinner, Beef lasagna and ginger bread, matoke, grilled veggie and fruits.

Tuesday: Waffles n’ syrup, Cereals, Baked beans, Berry yoghurt, Fresh Fruits and Toast.

Lunch is paneer kebabs, fish and chips, pineapple crumble with vanilla custard sauce.

For supper, the students have Chinese style Pork fillet served with pasta, leek n’ potato pie and fruit salad.

Wednesday: Bacon, Grilled tomato, Cereals, Fresh fruits, Baked beans and Toast for breakfast while Braised beef and Eggplant n’ cheese frittata and Fruit kebabs are served with rice for lunch.

Dinner is Turkey tagine served with pita bread, Black bean casserole and fruits.

Thursday: Chipolatas, Grilled tomato, Cereals, Fresh fruits, Baked beans and Toast for breakfast

Chicken drumsticks served with Lyonnaise potato, Creamy spinach bake and Ice cream make up lunch.

Supper includes Beef bourguignon served with chapatti, Mushroom stroganoff and Fruits.

Friday: Pancakes n’ syrup, Cereals, Fresh fruits, Baked beans and Toast. Lunch: Jacket potatoes with various fillings Pavlova.

Supper: Grilled chicken with fried rice, Root vegetable, casserole and Fruits.

Saturday: French toast, Cereals, Baked beans, Fresh juice and Toast for breakfast.

Lunch is made up of Meat balls n’ spaghetti with cheese, Bean ragout and Jelly. Baked fish with turmeric, fried rice, Dhal masala and fruits make up dinner.

Sunday: Cereals, Fresh juice, Toast, Baked beans and Tea /coffee for breakfast.

Supper entails Burgers n’ chips, Veggie pizza’s with coleslaw salad and fruits.

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  • Al Mbka

    It’s a pity that we think food that has French or foreign sounding names are better than any other food. We really do hate ourselves don’t we? What is wrong with Githeri? All you need is to find a way to cook it so that it is to your taste and liking. Just play around with the spices and ultimately you will have a dah that tastes like it’s out of this world. There are big things to fill up our minds than French mousse…

  • Toty Philips

    may be people think that french is out of this world. take a case of lawyer PLO Lumumba who thinks that simple things in french sound very complicated for us kenyans yet they are the simple ordinary things we meet daily..! lets love who we are!