NASA leader and former presidential candidate Raila Odinga has called on his supporters to stop revenging on “innocent supporters of Uhuru and Ruto” as that is not helping anything.

According to Raila who was speaking in Bondo, Kikuyus and Kalenjins are also suffering like other Kenyans and attacking them is not helping solve anything in the country. He also demanded that his supporters stop attacking Somalis and Kisii because of the actions of their leaders.

A reconciliatory Raila reiterated that there will be no elections next week and what will happen is just a coronation of Uhuru as President.

Some members of the Kikuyu, Kalenjin and other communities thought to be supporting Jubilee leadership have been attacked in NASA stronghold, especially following the killing of Luos by police.

Speaking at the same function, Senator Johnstone Muthama told Jubilee that if the elections goes on and Uhuru is sworn in as President, NASA will also swear in Raila as President. The Machakos senator called on Uhuru to stop the execution of innocent Luos because he wants to retain power.

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho also promised that Mombasa will also have no elections as it will just be a blessing of electoral theft. He led the crowd in singing the Onge ng’ama baba osenego song which translates to “there is nobody Raila has killed.”

The Bondo rally was to mourn those who has were killed by the police immediately after the elections and during the anti-IEBC demonstrations.

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