ngunjiriNyeri Town Mp, Ngunjiri Wambugu is asking Chief Justice David Maraga to come to his rescue days after he (Wambugu) filed a petition with the JSC seeking for his removal from office.

Ngunjiri has said that he has been attacked verbally by the Kisii people and the NASA camp over the petition.

NASA has termed the petition as Jubilee party’s way of intimidating the court.

“In April, the CJ told off President Uhuru Kenyatta for suggesting that Kisii’s were in government because the Chief Justice is ‘one of their sons’. Maraga was furious at having his position made into a political community issue,” the legislator said.

“I am really hoping the CJ will come out publicly and defend me from those people saying my petition against him was an attack on the Kisii.”

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The Central Kenya Mp on Thursday filed a 14 page petition accusing the CJ of gross misconduct.

Mr Wambugu did however withdraw the said petition after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s intervention.

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