JamboPay, a company that has partnered with the county government to provide online services for the county government wants to introduce aerial drones to monitor cars parked in Nairobi whose owners do not pay parking.

They have written to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority asking for permission to purchase the cameras that will help in revenue collection.

The drone will fly across parking areas twice a day and relay the information to the county parking department which will enforce appropriate measures such as clamping of vehicles which have defaulted in parking fees.

JamboPay CEO Mr. Danson Muchemi said that they have developed an aerial imagery compliance data-gathering module that will require us to deploy a drone to collect parking compliance data.

Kenya civil Aviation Authority last year came up with regulations for Aerial Unmanned vehicles and categorized drones to be used for sports and commercial purposes but also prescribed the maximum height to be 400ft.

Anyone flying above the recommended height would require permission from the authority.

This comes after Governor Sonko said that there will no be cash payments at City Hall as all payments will be automated.

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The County looses close to Ksh.600,000 a day as vehicle owners do not pay the parking fees via ejijiPay, the online payment platform.

JamboPay hopes to cut on revenue losses through the purchase of these drones.

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