NASA has finally revealed that it had a tallying centre in Runda while another is said to be located in Arusha.

In one of the exchanges witnessed on TV, NASA busted two policemen who posed as journalists so as to access the NASA tallying centre in Runda.

The photos and evidence from the exchange clearly showed that NASA at least had something which they can call a tallying centre while it is not clear if the evidence from the tallying centre is credible enough.

NASA has been playing hide and seek with the authorities trying to hide all or any evidence that it had a clear evidence of votes and who won in the elections.

  • Gabby

    So the first tallying centre ‘attack’ was a distraction? There was not even an attack but they did it themselves and blamed the police? And they even have scans of forms 32A and 32B on the photos? Amazing………

    • andy makau

      What did you expect? There were several even in zanzibar, Tanzania