diamond platnumzDiamond Platnumz is 27 years old and is a father of two. However, in the recent past, video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has hinted at being pregnant with the hit maker’s baby, claims he has since denied.

The children we all know of are Latifah and Nillan Dangote and it seems like we are about to meet a third one.

The video vixen in the hit single, ‘Nitarejea’ is claiming that her four year old daughter or there about is Diamond’s. She went ahead to claim that the two were dating.

In an interview with ‘Ubuyu exclusive’ she talked about their relationship and confirmed that the Wasafi Records boss knew about the baby girl and went on to say that mama Dangote actually brought clothes among other things for the baby.

She went ahead to claim that Diamond Platnumz has refused to recognize and help raise his child, now that he is famous.

Naseeb Abdul Juma has not responded to the claims but how many children can one man have and not know about them?

Here is the video:

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