NTV is set to lose two of its prominent presenters. Former presenter of The Trend presenter ended his stint on the show early enough fearing the the show’s ratings is only headed south.

The show is facing a strong competition from Citizen TV’s 10-over-10, hosted by Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi. Visitors and advertisers have found it easy dealing with 10-over-10 which has many new and fresh faces on the show each week unlike “The Trend” which is reportedly suffering from the big man syndrome of some of the presenters.

NTV almost lured Raburu to join them and take over Larry’s role on the trend, something which Raburu later discovered to be suicidal making him change his mind and decide to stay at RMS. However, it was not before Royal Media gave him and Joey a better offer.

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The Trend‘s guest are mostly Larry’s circle of friends, making it hard for PR agencies and local celebrities to connect with the show as it turned into an exclusive club. Within a short period and according to the latest KARF report availed to us, The Trend‘s popularity has been declining so fast that Larry thought that it was only good to leave while it was still relatively popular.

Larry is now focused on hosting more “mature” guests on political or business shows as he seek opportunities elsewhere. He is reportedly changing from the brand of “Socialites host” to a more mature individual as he prepares to exit NTV by the end of August to pursue other interests.

Meanwhile, Victoria Rubadiri is set to join CCTV Africa in August as a presenter. The beauty queen is also positioning herself for a soft landing elsewhere as she says that she is focused on getting back to the US to pursue other interests after launching her media career in Kenya.

With a short stint at CCTV, she hopes to land a small media offer in the US to launch her international media career.

TV ratings

According to the latest Geopoll survey, NTV is the fourth most watched TV channel after Citizen, KTN and KTN News in that order.

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