timmy tdatDush Nyau hitmaker, Timmy Tdat was over the weekend arrested at the airport after the police stopped him and searched his luggage as he was believed to be carrying an unlicensed gun.

The rapper was traveling to Eldoret ahead of his show. He apparently had to put his show on hold as they went through his belongings only to realize that he had nothing on him.

According to a local tabloid, Timmy Tdat confirmed that indeed he had trouble at the airport and from how he saw the whole situation is that they could have suspected him due to the tattoos on his body and the fact that he also has dreadlocks.

timmy tdat‘’Haha sasa nitatoa wapi?Walini-suspect tu.I think ni juu ya vile image yangu iko, dreadlocks ,tattoo…’’Timmy revealed in a phone interview.
On matters guns, Tdat said; ‘’Probably,manze security saa hii imekua nom asana,alafu vile sasa haujui adui ni nani,haujui msee anapanga nini.Wasee wanadedi tu,vitu zinahappen,msee ni security yeye mwenyewe,alafu pia mahali tunaelekea security ni threat kwetu.’’
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