Vivian Wambui. / FACEBOOK

Vivian Wambui, popularly known as just Vivian has accused a senior government official of soliciting for sexual favours from the song bird.

In a post that she has since taken down, she has accused a senior government official of constantly being on her case over sexual favours.

The very stunning Afro pop artiste who recently got engaged to Sam West, has apparently told off the married man but will just not let her be.

Wambui with fiance, Sam West. / Facebook

She has threatened to expose the man who is allegedly twice her age and married with kids.

”I have continuously told him that I can’t sleep with him as he demands. He doesn’t seem to stop despite all my attempts to stop him. Let him know this, I do not sleep with married men,” read the post in part.

Vivian’s Facebook post.

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