fred outa
Mp Nyando, Fred Outa

Another of Nyando MP, Fred Outa’s aides has killed an individual reported to be a Kenya Defence Forces soldier in Ahero town. The incident took place on Saturday 8th, leaving residents questioning what is really wrong with the MP and his staff.

According to residents, the bodyguard, only identified as Opiyo, was having a drink in Embassy bar in Ahero, with friends when a fight broke out over a woman. The soldier left the bar with the woman but the bodyguard is said to have caught up with him and stabbed him leaving him for dead.

Opiyo (Circled) is the one reported to have killed the KDF Officer in Ahero


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The incident raises questions on the character of the MP’s staff as his CDF manager was charged with murder and only acquitted because the MP bribed everyone including the key witnesses. Residents of Ahero are now demanding that action be taken against the MP and his staff as incidences of violence linked to him are becoming rampant.

VIDEO: The killing of the KDF soldier as captured on tape:

The MP recently stormed a girls’ secondary school demanding that the Principal be reinstated. He was recently the cause of violence at a funeral of a former MP in Ahero.

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