weston hotel
Weston Hotel

The Nairobi county health department, for the second time failed to release results of a probe into a Cholera outbreak at the Weston Hotel two weeks ago.

The results of the probe were expected to be made public on Monday following the formation of a task force by health executive Bernard Muia to investigate the incident.

But Muia said the committee is yet to conclude the investigations as it was “still putting some heads together.”

“This is a scientific research which obviously takes time. The committee is working retrogressively to know the cause and where the condition came from,” he said.

“Also, of course where the two levels of governments are involved there must be processes which must take time,” Muia added.

He did not give a specific date when the results would be released but emphasized that they would be made public ‘soon.’

Governor Evans Kidero had instructed Muia to investigate and release the results in two days, on June 27.

More than 50 people who were attending a conference at the hotel allegedly contracted the disease and tested positive for cholera.

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