al ghurair
Former Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka

Kalonzo Musyoka, has accused Jubilee of planning to collaborate with the Al Ghurair Company to rig the August 8 poll.

Kalonzo said staff from Al Ghurair are already in the country, planning on how they will do ballot stuffing. He was speaking in Matuu on Wednesday.

The former Vice President, according to the Star, said the Al Ghurair staff are using government vehicles and enjoying state protection.

The former VP said the plan was to ensure the extra ballot papers which will be printed by the company are ticked and staffed in ballot boxes on the morning of August 8.

He said the elaborate plan began by the purchase of IDs from voters to disenfranchise them.

Kalonzo urged voters to turn up early at voting stations and in large numbers to guard against ballot stuffing.

He also rubbished calls by Jubilee to abandon NASA, saying he could not never work with Deputy President William Ruto.

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