Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet

Police officers have been warned by the Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet  against posting photos of crime scenes on social media.

Boinnet directed that officers on ”unauthorised” social media platforms, including WhatsApp and Facebook, pull down the photos or face disciplinary action.

The directive is part of strict guidelines issued on the use of social media ahead of the August polls.

“All police officers are warned that those found culpable will face tough sanctions,” Boinnet said in a notice to the officers on Wednesday.

He pointed out that officers are posting sensitive information including operational commands which jeopardize the country’s security.

The police boss said such acts violate standard security procedures.

“The platforms are mistakenly assumed to be secure to the extent that some officers post material of serious national security concern,” reads the notice dated July 3.

“You are directed to ensure compliance. You are further directed to pull down parallel groupings used to post such material and whose membership includes unathorised persons.”

Officers have also been banned from making unauthorised disclosures to the media.

Some of the accounts believed to belong to undercover officers but bear pseudo names: Hessy wa Kayole, Hessy wa Eastlando, Hessy wa Dandora, Hessy wa Huruma and Blackest Widow.

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