Anne Kiguta Attacked by NASA Supporters on Twitter Over Her Interview with David Ndii


Anne Kiguta faced the wrath of tweeps who saw her line of questioning as more pro Jubilee than objective when she hosted NASA strategist, David Ndii.

Leading NASA aligned Twitter users questioned her objectivity and her honesty as she has not openly stated that she is in a relationship with the Personal Assistant to the President who is competing against NASA. Anne Kiguta is rumoured to be in a relationship with the President’s PA, Jomo Gecaga whom she had twins with.

Anne recently almost revealed that Jomo Gecaga is the father of her kids.

NASA supporters took issue with her strong line of questioning while not concentrating on positively contributing to the debate. It is not clear why NASA and opposition supporters expect to get some preferential treatment on a platform which they have not invested on.

Being the President’s PA, Jomo is known to be an insider in the Jubilee Party where he holds sway on most of the things as he has the ears of the President.