Jubilee Aspirants in Nyanza Complain that Tuju is Blocking them from Accessing President Uhuru


Jubilee Party candidates in Nyanza are complaining that the party’s secretary general, Raphael Tuju, is actively making it hard for them to access campaign resources and President Uhuru.

According to the aspirants, Tuju has not made it possible for them to interact with the party leader and invite him to Nyanza province while Raila is expected to meet NASA candidates in Kiambu this week.

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On of the aspirants who didn’t want to be named said, “Tuju knows that this is the first time Luos have missed from the cabinet but he is actively ensuring that not even the next term of the Jubilee government will have a Luo as a cabinet minister.

Why is Tuju in Western province and everywhere while hiding from aspirants in Nyanza whom he gave promises but doesn’t meet his end of the bargain as promised?”

Many from Luo parts of Nyanza consider the current Defence Cabinet Secretary Rachel Omamo not to be a Luo as she doesn’t identify with any of them at the grassroots level and only smokes, wines and dines with the who-is-who in Nairobi.

Jubilee Party cleared more than 171 aspirants in Nyanza to use the ticket in the upcoming general election.