President Uhuru has signed the Basic Education Amendment Act which seeks to see schoolgirls receive free sanitary towels from the government. The new law is aimed at decreasing instances where girls miss school because of the embarrassing periods.

The responsibility of providing the sanitary pads has now been placed on the government and not the student/parent as before. The bill also compels the government to provide a safe way of disposing the same.

The government removed tax on sanitary pads some few years back.

Stella Nyanzi celebrated the news;

The news of Uhuru signing the bill has been celebrated in Uganda where one activist, Stella Nyanzi hopes to see girls in her country receive free pads from the government to stop many of them dropping from school at a tender age.

Apart from the Basic Education Amendment Bill (2016), President Kenyatta also signed the Division of Revenue Bill 2017, Finance Bill (2017), Supplementary Appropriation Bill (2017), Insurance Amendment Bill (2017), Health Bill (2015), Hydrologist Bill (2016), the Clinical Officers Bill (2016), and National Coroners Service Bill (2016).