Kenyans are to attempt a fete which will see them in the Guinnes Book of World Record. In the attempt which has officially been registered by Guinness, Kenyans are going to attempt to have the most number of people shaving in one location at the same time.

The current record of Most Number of People Shaving is around 2,374 and that is what Gillette Kenya is trying to break next week. The current record is held by Gillette in Mexico where they organised the same event.

In the run up to the attempt, Gillette has rallied many young Kenyans and conducted clinics where they are trying to teach young men how to shave and why the shaving culture should be brought back. The shaving culture has been threatened by a section of celebrities who have promoted the “Bearded Gang” mentality.

Shaving STEPS – Step 1

Step 2

Step 3;

One of the prominent face of the Gillette Kenya attempt is Shaffie Weru who has promised to shave on the 29th June at Kenyatta University, venue of the event. Gillette Kenya will provide all that is needed to shave during the event.

We just hope that Joho and Anyang’ Nyong’o would also be encouraged to join those who will be attempting to shave during the event.