Tanzanian President, John Pombe Maghufuli

President John Maghufuli Pombe of Tanzania recently signed into law a bill that will barr students from going back to class after getting pregnant.

It has been said that the rate at which young girls in Tanzania are dropping out of school due to early pregnancies is alarming.

Many parents have been left distressed over their daughters

Maghufuli said that no school girl who gets pregnant while studying will be allowed to return back to school in any city, town or village in Tanzania.

The Head of State added that his government will not allow young parents in learning institutions but students who want brighter futures for themselves.

He said: “I offer free education to students who have decided to read, and not parents. It will reach a point where a whole class will be full of parents. When a teacher is in class teaching, they all go out to breastfeed.”

Here is the video: