Lawyer Ahmednasir has claimed that Jubilee honchos and key officials in the Judiciary tried to make sure that they were in control of the NASA’s case against IEBC from the start.

According to the lawyer, senior government officials made serious attempts to ensure that Judge Odunga was not hearing the case and the team they had “prepared” was to handle the matter. The claims are surprising considering that the lawyer was a key part of the IEBC legal team against Raila.

The IEBC legal team then focused on attacking the person of Raila and not arguing against the case which was presented in court. The lawyer might be honest or positioning himself to benefit form the post-election legal windfall.

NASA has gone to court to challenge the single sourcing of Al-Ghurair to print ballot papers to be used in the next election for IEBC. The Chief Justice David Maraga has also weighed in promising to ensure that the Judiciary “doesn’t interfere in the election calendar.”

NASA has questioned why the CJ would make such an utterance if he is not biased.