Nation’s Journalist, Walter Menya

While Nation Media Group has turned their guns on people they believe shared Walter Menya’s photos, it’s clear that we need to gauge from the available facts and evidence whether Walter Menya did wrong or not.

We shared a voice recording of Walter Menya. We have the second recording which our source indicates to be a phone call between Walter Menya and his contact whom we assume to be Kennedy Koros. Our source is a deeply embedded operative who knows the going ons.

2nd VOICE Recording of Walter Menya

It seems like Nation Media Group angered powers that be with the story on who is who funding the President’s re-election. So plans were laid on how to take the fight back to Nation with a proper evidence of their journalists soliciting and receiving bribes from state officials.

NMG didn’t foresee this and so they didn’t prepare well by taking a stand on the issue of key state officials getting involved in funding politicians. Since NMG as a media house didn’t have an editorial stand, any journalist with government contacts was just a sitting duck who could have been lured into a bribery trap he/she might not escape.

This is what is happening to Walter Menya