Steve Mbogo

Steve Mbogo, the 30 year old ‘self made’ businessman cum politician is in the limelight yet again.

Steve who is not new to the this kind of life is now seeking protection from the courts. It seems like his millions could not protect him from what is about to befall the Starehe parliamentary seat aspirant.

The self proclaimed billionaire wants Nation, Standard, Star and the People Daily from running an expose so good, it might have him out of the August polls.

Mbogo who was accused of being a fraud by Nation’s Njoki Chege, is seeking a restraining order against the said Media from running an alleged investigative story linking him to a defilement case.

Steve Mbogo

Mbogo was charged with the offense in 2009 at the Kibera Law courts and the matter ended up at the High Court, where he was cleared of all charges.

The business man wants the media barred from airing the story because it will might cause him untold suffering and prejudice.

“If that story is allowed to run, it will cause me untold suffering and prejudice since the general voting public will get the same through the media complex network that I cannot match in correcting the impression it will have caused,” Steve Mbogo was quoted saying.

If the courts do not come to his rescue, Mbogo might be left politically incapacitated hence benefiting his opponents in the race for the Starehe seat.

Jaguar of Jubilee and Boniface Mwangi of Ukweli Party will the biggest beneficiaries if the story leaks.